How Walkfit Platinum Orthotics WorkThank you for visiting this page.  Here, I discuss how Walkfit Platinum Orthotics work and how they might be dangerous.

When I first saw these, I did kind of wonder  how they work.  But I never thought that an insole could be dangerous.  A little research and I found out that according to Walkfit, their Platinum Orthotics are doctor recommended shoe inserts that are supposed to help align your body.  These insoles are different from others because they are not just soft pieces of rubbery cloth.  They are plastic inserts that are supposed to support your foot.  So they are orthotics.  That was fine.  But I knew there had to be more to it than that.

How Walkfit Platinum Orthotics Work

Apparently, Walkfit Platinum Orthotics work by cupping your foot.  The company claims that they are made to fit the sole of a person’s foot, reducing rubbing and stress for better alignment with the rest of your body.  The company claims that Walkfit Platinums provide arch support creating stability for your foot and ankle, helping to reduce injury.  They are supposed to improve alignment of bones in your feet, ankles, and legs and, as a result, provide better weight distribution of your body over your feet.   And this is supposed to better balance your foot for proper foot movement.  The result should be less pain all the way up into your back.  At the same time, Walkfit Platinums are supposed to act as a cushion when your foot hits the ground.   If you look at these, you can see that they do curve around and the silver part that fits under the heel of your foot is soft.

What About Children?

Walkfit also claims that these insoles can help with the normal development of bones and foot structure in children as they grow, which can help to prevent injuries as children participate in sports.

Is There Proof?

How Walkfit Platinum Orthotics WorkThe company claims to have clinically tested their Platinum Orthotics.  They state that these are clinically proven when pain is due to poor foot alignment.  The company offers detailed pictures on their official website here showing how Walkfit Platinum Orthotics work and how they can align a person’s body.  They claim that the insoles provide full-length prescription-like arch support and that they have been designed by doctors to reduce over pronation (inward rolling) of the foot, preventing poor body alignment, strain, and injury.

This all sounds great.  But it seems that many people may still wonder how might Walkfit Platinum insoles work for them.  It turns out that  in addition to their clinically proven test results, Walkfit states that over 5 million people have found the Walkfit Platinum Orthotics to reduce pain.  Of the reviews I have seen on forums and other websites, a lot of people do seem to be very happy with these insoles.  There really are many positive reviews.  Here are just a few.

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So Walkfits Actually Change Your Bone Structure?  Are There Hidden Dangers With The Way They Work?

The foot has more bones than any other single body part.  The foot is amazing at what it can do by design, but there are often imbalances and flaws.  Also, when the foot is placed inside a shoe, things change.  For example:  the foot heats up, grows, and often begins to sweat; there can be a build up of mildew; and the foot may end up with a lack of air.  So is it any wonder that insoles are removable?

Shoes protect feet from rocks and other dangers.  But shoes also change the way feet interact with the ground.  This is important because that interaction can cause changes throughout the body.  So the type of shoe you wear is important and so is the type of insoles in your shoes!

Okay, so Walkfits are supposed to be effective at aligning bones and creating balance, but you have to wonder if they might be dangerous in some way.  I mean, aligning bones in your body sounds like a pretty serious stuff to me.  However, the only possible dangers I have found for these insoles is with people who have diabetes or blood circulation problems.  If you are someone with either of these problems, then be sure to talk with your doctor before using Walkfit Platinum Orthotics.

One other thing I have found is that some people complain about having bad pain when using Walkfit Platinum Orthotics.  If you start off using these with the medium or high inserts, you are likely going to be in for some bad pain and end up hating these.  This will be especially true if you are flat-footed.  As I mentioned in my review, it is best to start off with the low inserts.

So I decided to give these a shot.  They did hurt a little at first, even with the low inserts.  But I got used to them.  One thing that made me very happy after using these for a while was the reduced back pain I usually get from standing a lot during my daily activities.  So these seem to be working for me.  Considering how cheap they are, I can’t complain.


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