I am glad you came to this page because you are probably looking for a good place where you can buy Walkfit Platinum Orthotics and what to watch out for.  I have seen some people complain about how they felt scammed or did not get what they wanted when buying these.  I know how that feels, so I just want to discuss what I have learned after buying these and seeing what others have complained about.

What to Watch Out For

Okay, so I am talking about the company’s Platinum Orthotics not their regular Orthotic insoles.  They are not the same, and you need to be a little careful when buying these to make sure you choose Platinum Orthotics with the silver foot pads.Platinum Orthotics

Buying these can be a little tricky.  For one thing, they come in many different sizes and finding your exact size may not always be too easy.  I have seen sizes specified with letters on some websites, which seemed a little confusing to me.  Personally, I prefer numbers just like when you buy shoes.  If you buy from the official manufacturer’s website, sizes are only specified with numbers, so you can be sure you will get the correct size.

I have seen a number of complaints on forums and blogs about people buying Walkfit Platinum Orthotics and then getting something they don’t want.  Obviously, you are going to feel scammed if you pay for something you don’t want.  When you buy these, be careful to specify only those things you want with the correct size and quantity.  Don’t click on anything you don’t want.  It really is not hard.  You just have to be a little careful to specify what you want and no more!

I have seen some websites offer low wholesale prices, and this can be great.  But beware, some may try to  force you into buying a minimum amount, maybe 10 or more!  When I come across a website like that, I just immediately click away from it.

Where to Buy Walkfit Platinum Orthotics

There are a lot of places where you can buy these.  I have seen them sold at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I am sure they are sold in other major retailers as well.  Such places are definitely safe good places to buy these if you are willing to make the trip and can find your size.  You can also find these online at Yahoo! Shopping or Amazon.com.  However, if you buy from the official Walkfit website, you can get some free bonus gifts and a lifetime guarantee.

Bonus Offers

The first bonus gift is a pair of sandal adapters, which allows you to use your Platinum Orthotics with your sandals.  This can be pretty nice once you get used to your these and want to use them all the time.  Many people don’t want to be without their Walkfits once they get used to them.   I know I don’t.

One thing to note about wearing sandals is that they don’t offer a lot of foot support and are not the best things to wear when walking or standing for long periods.  Therefore, Walkfit’s sandal adapters can really be beneficial if you are suffering from foot pain.  You can read more about this here.

The second bonus gift is a bottle of peppermint lotion, which is supposed to soothe your feet at the end of a hard day.  I know some people like to kick off their shoes at the end of a hard day and a little soothing lotion might be nice.  The third bonus gift is a pair of acupressure inserts.  I can’t say too much about these because I don’t use them.  I am more into a soft pair of socks.  But that is just me 🙂  Last, there is a how-to guide that helps you with using your Platinum Orthotics.

As an added bonus, Walkfit is offering a free bottle of their Joint Support Formula.  Be careful with this though because accepting that offer automatically enrolls you in their Preferred Customer Program.  This means that you will receive a 60-day supply of their Joint Support Formula 30 days after your purchase.  They offer that at a 50% discount, but if you decide you don’t want their Joint Support Formula, you will need tell them by cancelling out of their Preferred Customer Program.

Money-Back GuaranteeWalkfit also has a 1-dollar trial offer and a 100% money-back guarantee if you buy from their official website.  So, you don’t have to put down much to try these.  One last thing, when you get to the order page, you can get a surprise free gift — a pair of memory foam sandals.  They look pretty nice and they are free!  But you will have to pay for shipping if you decide to get those.

That’s about it.  For around 20 dollars plus shipping, you are really not looking at a lot of money for orthotics.  Orthhotics can get really expensive if you go to a doctor and have them custom made.  I know someone who did that and ended up spending close to 500 dollars for orthotics that were not satisfying!

These work well for many people (over 5 million people according to the manufacturer), and they certainly work well for me.  However, everyone is different, and you can never be too sure until you try them for yourself.  As a safe and inexpensive option, I recommend trying Walkfit Platinum Orthotics.

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If you are looking for more information about Walkfit Platinum Orthotics, you can read my full review here.